Geo-Themo Projects & Investments Pty (Ltd) is entirely blacked owned, with the basis of providing excellent, efficient and effective Geo-Environmental services to its clients. The company was established to empower black professionals with its members have been actively involved in the field of earth science, with core expertise founded on an extensive understanding of tectonic and other geological processes involved in the formation of the deep aquifers. It is a multi-disciplinary earth-science firm that undertakes researches and studies in hydrogeology, geology and environmental impact assessment. Some of the company membersí are registered as Professional Natural Scientists (Pr.Nat Sci) The company aims to provide clients with innovative and cost effective solutions with best available technology and best available technical options in ensuring the minimization of the actual/ potential impacts to its clients.

Geo-Themo Pty (Ltd) was established with the vision of creating one of the 100% black owned specialized geo-environmental consulting companies in the Southern Africa that can manage projects of magnitude befitting our technical expertise.


  • Continuous monitoring of groundwater levels to ensure sustainable use of water source.
  • Continuous monitoring of integrated water pollution to ensure compliance with legislative requirements
  • Providing you with assurance that all identified risk associated with your impacts are analyzed and professionally managed
  • Enhancing public image of your clients and stakeholders